SeaMe is an innovation for preventing fishing gear to become lost and to prevent ghost fishing. Lost fishing equipment –  ghost nets or ghost gear – can continue to fish for for long periods of time.
SeaMe is easy to attach to existing equipment and provides exact target finding making it possible to recover most gear types independent of weight or size.


– automatically activates if the gear is not retrieved within time
– functional in a large range of depths
– highly visible on surface marking the location of the lost gear
– allows recovering of almost any gear independent of weight or size
– low or no buoyancy allows usage on various types of fishing gear and equipment
– low visibility in water to avoid affecting the fishing equipment and catch efficiency
– easy to attach to existing gear or equipment
– suits a broad range of fishing gear and equipment with a potential of becoming lost 

FAO and UNEP have estimated that abandoned, lost or otherwise discarded fishing gear in the oceans make up approximately 10 per cent (640,000 tons) of all marine litter

The solution

SeaMe tackles the problem with ghost nets and marine litter in a new and innovative way

SeaMe automatic release
SeaMe can be equipped with several different features
SeaMe mounted on trap
SeaMe is easy to attach to most fishing gear
SeaMe - prevents ghost fishing.